Berlin: Post-Communist Capital and Cultural Centre

Recently, I've been trying to find a "middle", which is difficult to explain.

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Carbon Capture and Storage is a concept via which carbon dioxide is separated from a source of pollution and collected, or captured, before it is pumped underground, into deep subterranean cavities. Thus the concept…

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Ambiciózne Projekty

A few days ago I was yelling at my computer screen and my roommate thought something horrible had happened, but Slovakia had just qualified for the World Cup. Weiss had found some magic with Artmedia and he still…

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Slovenským Európanom

It is real that Stefan Harabin has been elected to the presidency of this republic's highest court.

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Lorenzo Lamas

My argentine contacts have recently informed me that Lorenzo "El Renegado" Lamas has passed away. Should that be true, for I have attempted and failed to verify these facts via the internets, confirmation of death…

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Uncle Dave

Uncle Dave walked into the boardroom. Others were already seated, waiting, busy with handheld devices, working while working. Double-billing was not unusual; someone once had triple-billed by putting in time on a…

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I'm excited to see that šrotovanie (car recycling) works. It was a good move on the part of the Ministry of Economy. Giving real incentives to regular people goes a long way in stimulating an economy. In a…

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Saturday is Voting Day

I don't think there is anything wrong in conceding that we live in a banana republic. Robert Fico's reliance on the we-take-less policy; Robert getting mad like Hugo Chávez; the time Ivan Mikloš dipped his hand into…

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Thought #51

Václav Klaus sounds like an old man.

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Posting Štyri

Veľmi som chcel napísať niečo rozumné, plné prehľadu, a asi aj nenápadne srandovné, ale nič.

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Help a Brother

I had misintoxicated myself and had since felt heebie-jeebie.

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As We Brace In (Hello)

This is first and foremost a Hello from me to you. Born in Bratislava, I am a Slovak citizen who emigrated in early childhood and moved back to Blava last year. Like salmon. I speak Slovak, or like to think I do,…

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